Thursday, 10 July 2008

ITIL v3 books - 1st impression amendments

I've seen comments in forums about issues with the 1st impression of the core v3 books and the inconsistencies across them.  I'd also heard that there were some amendments available but they aren't exactly widely advertised - if you can find the pointer on the OGC site please let me know!  So, if like me you bought a set at launch, be sure to download and print these amendments.


Martin said...

IT Skeptic has a list of 'known errors'

The ITIL Imp said...

Hi Martin,

Yep I know. Thought I'd blogged about that before but it seems I only posted it on another ITIL forum: :)

Antonio Valle said...

You can find the links in the best management practices website from the OGC. Then, you navigate to the books in PDF format and there you can find the link to the Ammendments.

For example, for Service Transition you can follow this link:

markinsonmarshal said...

ITIL V3 is a new version of the IT Infrastructure Library has many new subjects closely related to business operations and is much more focused on doing business than dealing with ITITIL V3

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