Monday, 21 July 2008

Virtual Teams - where to start?

The answer is in an excellent blog that has been going since November 2007 yet I've only recently discovered it. 
As they rightfully state:
'Leaders of a virtual team face many challenges when leading a virtual team, including team building, motivating and developing team members from afar, rewarding team members even when they have no authority over their pay, and facilitating shared leadership and team learning. When virtual teams don’t succeed in meeting these challenges, they run over budget and miss important deadlines besides creating frustration and dissatisfaction among team members.'
Their blog's mission is to help us learn about about virtual teams and what it takes to effectively lead them.  Over the months their articles reflect their own experience as well as commentary upon scientific research.  Subjects include virtual teams, leadership, collaboration, and computer-mediated communication (i.e., communication through email, instant messaging, discussion boards, video-conferencing, wikis, blogs, and virtual worlds).

Leading Virtually is well and truly on my subscription list; if you have an interest in virtual teams then I recommend you add it to yours!


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