Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Chartered IT Professional? What do they know anyway?

This is the question that the British Computer Society are seeking to answer. Are an IT professional and have thoughts on the charter mark for the IT profession? Or perhaps you are simply curious about the 'Body of Knowledge' that all Chartered IT Professionals will be expected to demonstrate.

Currently is is split into 'Knowledge and Understanding' and 'Skills'. They will structure into topics towards the end of the consultation to make it easier to navigate. I've started to add my penny worth... from what I can see so far it seems to be too detailed at all levels. However, I've only just skimmed the surface.

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Anonymous said...

a bunch of academics desperately trying to assert that they are relevant to the IT industry by dictating that the IT industry should conform to their views.

What I like, even LOVE, about the IT industry is that it is very much a meritocracy. You are, in the main, respected and rewarded based on your actual achievement - not on whether you have paid this years dues to the IEEE, Computer Society or whatever.

I wouldn't mind betting that only the academics who already dominate the computer society will respect the "chartered professional" status.

Very few people I respect as IT professionals are Computer Society members. The society just isn't that relevant to IT practitioners

The ITIL Imp said...

Thanks for your post - I hope someone from the BCS is reading and has a think about what you've said.

Personally I agree that the BCS has been like this in the past but it is changing and becoming more relevant to IT practitionars.

I have reservations about chartered professional status as it stands but I understand that the criteria are changing here as well so that it ISN'T limited to 'a bunch of subscription paying academics'.

Like you, there are people I respect in the industry who are not members of the society. However, there are also those that I do who are. I think the BCS specialist groups in particular are excellent for networking and knowledge sharing. Now I'm digressing though!

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