Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Where is that process anyway?

The question on a lot of people's lips now that the publication date for ITIL v3 has been announced is 'Which book do I need to buy if I am interested in ?' At £85 each, you don't want to buy the wrong one.

As yet, there is no definitive answer in the public domain and I am keen that the authors should put us out of our misery. Until such time I'm trying to compile a list of which v2 processes exist where. For some of the processes, although they primarily align with one book, elements of the process may appear throughout other books as and when they occur during the service life cycle. I've also noted some of the new processes that were mentioned at the itSMF conference.

Service Strategy

Service Level Management - elements become Service Portfolio Management
Financial Management for IT Services
Business Relationship Management

Service Design
Service Level Management
Capacity Management
Availability Management
IT Service Continuity Management
IT Security Management element of becomes Information Security Management
Supplier Management

Service Transition

Change Management
Configuration Management (will include service assets)
Release Management
  (to be split into separate processes:
    Service Release Planning
    Performance and Risk Evaluation
    Acquire Assets, Build and Test Release
    Service Release Acceptance Test and Pilot
    Deployment, Decommission and Transfer)
NEW: Knowledge Management

Service Operation
Incident Management
Problem Management
NEW: Event Management
NEW:Request Fulfillment
NEW:Access Management

Continual Service Improvement

Service Reporting and Measurement (maybe broken down into sub-processes and include elements of SLM)

If you know any different to the list above, please drop me a line! NOTE: I saw that in the ITIL Refresh 2nd editions it said change was in Service Operation, but I recall them saying it was going to be in Service Transition - who knows the truth?


Cekir said...

It looks TSO shows the same books content as the refresh whitepaper. Since TSO actually already have these books in their hands, I would rather trust them.

The ITIL Imp said...

Hi Cekir,

Thanks for posting, I'd trust them too... if there was a consistency between what they are putting into the public domain but thus far there are still mixed messages and with the publication date ever closer I for one would appreciate a bit more detail than the latest refresh statement on the itSMF website.

The ITIL Imp

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