Friday, 16 February 2007

ITIL v3 release date confirmed!

Well it's official. The core titles of the ITIL v3 Refresh are to be published on 30th May 2007 (english only, other languages to come later), orders can be placed as of 21st February 2007.

There will be a number of ways to get your hands on a copy of the new material. For traditionalists there is the hard copy, or for those that prefer the books will be available as PDFs. Both at a price £85 (compared to the current £65 standard) but if you buy all 5 you can get them at £299 (saving of £126 - which even for individuals begs the question as to why you'd buy them any other way...)

They will also be offering an Online Annual Subscription which is quoted as £265.

NOTE: Electronic copies are not VAT zero-rated so the PDF ends up costing you a lot more money (VAT @ 17.5%), is it worth it - the jury is out on this one.

Also available will be a new 'Introduction to ITIL' book covering the introduction to the lifecycle approach etc. priced at £30.

There is also mention made of an official ITIL Portal which sounds like a cross between current forums and the Pink Elephant Atlas offering.

For more details (including the official word on some thoughts I've aired in recent months), check out the 2nd edition of the ITIL Refresh newsletter.


Jill (ITSM.TV) said...

"NOTE: Electronic copies are not VAT zero-rated so the PDF ends up costing you a lot more money (VAT @ 17.5%)"

Are you sure about that?

It's just that I recently bought a couple of standards from one of BSI's websites: the price was the same whether I bought hardcopy or PDF.

Surely, also being UK based, TSO would have the same policy for something like ITIL.

Where did you get that info?

The ITIL Imp said...

Hi Jill,

Thanks for posting, always nice to know someone is reading :)

I'm as sure as I can be given that I am quoting page 2 of TSO's own publication, the 'ITIL Refresh News: 2nd edition Spring 2006':

'Hard Copy
Available individually at £85.00 or as a complete set for £299.00.

ebook PDF
A single user, non-networkable basic downloadable PDF allows easy access to the library while you’re on the move. Each PDF is £85.00 (£99.87 inc VAT) or £299.00 (£351.32 inc VAT) for the complete set.'

I have no idea if there are special regulations in place for standards versus best practice publications. Any legal eagles reading here who could answer?

The ITIL Imp

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