Friday, 5 January 2007

ITIL Refresh v3 - Public QA

It's official. The selection for public QA reviewers has taken place and the review is scheduled to start on 8th January and finish on 22nd January. It reassures me that we may indeed see the published core books by the end of spring as promised.

I noticed an article on the BCS website about the IT departments in motor insurance companies using ITIL to streamline their operations. The thing that struck me was the comment about the 'need' to reorganise the department into 2 streams - support and delivery. ITIL v2 does not actually state there is a need to do this. I know the ITIL v3 authors have stated they will address the structure of IT departments and I am curious to see what the results of this will be. Especially given we are due to undergo a restructure where I work anyway due to partnership working. It would be nice if we could kill two birds with one stone as it were! *waits impatiently for v3*

Also of interest may be the article about FITS (Framework for ICT Technical Support Operations Management). British Educational Communications and Technology Agency's (Becta) answer to ITIL for educational establishments. I think I've blogged about it before as it's a really great resource for templates.


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