Tuesday, 9 January 2007

APMG and Approved ITIL Trainers

I came across a post that drew my attention to the new criteria from APMG for people to be "Approved trainers". It may be that I'm misinterpreting what is written - but from the looks of it to train someone at Practitioner level you have to have qualified at that level to 70% or over yourself. Having a distinction at Manager's Certificate level apparently doesn't cut it. I don't know who thought that one up but I don't much care for it and I'm not an ITIL trainer!


Anonymous said...

Why not? It would seem to standardize the quality of instructors. It is not enough to pass a certification, trainers would have to show distinction.

I wouldn't want a college professor, for example, who barely passed his exams.

The ITIL Imp said...

Hi there and thanks for posting. I don't think I was very clear as to what I really meant in my blog post so allow me to clarify.

I absolutely agree that we want trainers to be delivering training of the highest quality and if they've performed well at the exam to prove their capability so much the better (note, performing well in an exam is no assurance of a quality trainer with practical experience and common sense - it just proves a combination of competence in the subject and the ability to pass exams).

The current accreditation scheme starts with Foundation, then Practitioner, then Manager's Certificate.

The thing that is bugging me is that if you have someone who's got the manager's certificate (and foundation as it is a pre-requisite); it appears that APMG are suggesting that person is no longer qualified to teach at practitioner level which is below the manager's. Furthermore - would they go so far as to say for each practitioner course a trainer teaches, they have to certify in each of them?

As I said, I may be misinterpreting their website page (and I hope I am!). Hope that explains my viewpoint a little more :)

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