Monday, 8 September 2008

ITIL v3 Foundation Syllabus Review

There's been a lot of concern about the ITIL v3 Foundation syllabus, particularly around those initial exams where the emphasis on strategy was rather more than the delegates attending were expecting or found appropriate for their roles.  As I said previously, I think a lot of upset could have been avoided if it was just stated up front that the audience for v3 foundation is not the same as for v2 foundation.  Anyhow, after the initial changes to quiet the masses - there is now a formal review in progress.  See below and take part if you fulfill the criteria:
Following the launch of the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management in June 2007 and the Foundation Bridge Certificate launch in August 2007, it was always intended to review both syllabuses as part of APM Group's continual service improvement process.

Some of the initial concerns raised by students, Accredited Training Organisations (ATOs) and Examination Institutes (EIs) were addressed through an interim syllabus version, which was released on February 1st 2008; however, the full syllabus review process for the courses and certificates is now underway.

This formal review involves extensive consultation with a wide rage of stakeholders, including, but not limited to, Users, ATOs, Students and chapters of the itSMFI and ITIL training communities, to ensure that the syllabus meets the requirements of students, and also operational objectives in terms of scope and depth of topics covered. Stakeholders views will be gathered via a number of methods, including direct consultation, questionnaire and interview.
View the ITIL V3 Foundation (and Bridge) Syllabus Review Process (pdf)
The information gathered from the market place will be reviewed and analysed by a Syllabus Advisory Board, which is made up of representatives from the itSMFI, the Licensed EIs, the V3 Examination Panel and a selection of ATOs, all of which are nominated and/or elected to the Board. This panel will then be responsible for considering all feedback and making informed recommendations for improvements and changes to the syllabuses.

Find out more about the ATO Representative Election Results.
Foundation Syllabus Questionnaire
In order to collect the feedback and comments from all stakeholders a number of questionnaires have been developed. If you are from either of these stakeholder groups
  • ITIL V3 students
  • Accredited ITIL trainers
  • ITIL examiners.
Please complete this questionnaire to provide us with your feedback on syllabus and exams.


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