Friday, 8 August 2008

All change...

Due to some changes in real life I shall be updating on Wednesdays and Saturdays instead of Tuesdays and Fridays.  That way, I really have no excuse not to post more regularly!

I recently applied for a new role and was successful so real life is somewhat busy for me at the moment as I deal with the transition.  I am still working in local government with partnerships and shall be focused more upon project management and business transformation through IT for the foreseeable future instead of pure IT service management.  No doubt, the nature of my future posts shall reflect this.

It's a wonderful opportunity to put some of that self-study for Prince 2 into practice on a larger scale than previously (although applied with a heavy dose of pragmatism!).  No doubt there shall be challenges ahead and I'm looking forward to figuring out how to deal with them - hopefully coming out the other side unscathed!


Ron said...


Sorry - I couldn't find an email link to contact you directly, but I was wondering as a project management blogger, would you be interested in being a guest blogger for The Project Management Podcast website ( My subscribers would undoubtedly be interested in your viewpoint on any PM topic you choose and we would provide a link back to your site in the article to help drive additional traffic to your site.

If you are interested, simply submit an original article that has been proofed for grammatical and factual integrity in Microsoft Word format. Also, provide a short bio and photo (.jpg 200x200 pixel format preferred) to be included when your post is published. If selected, I will send you an email on its publication and its permanent link URL so you can link back to your article on your site.

Thanks and I look forward to your submittal!


The ITIL Imp said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the invite. I may well do so - although give me a couple of months to get my feet firmly under the table :)

mghong said...

Hi ,Can i have your permission to put add link to your blog.

I very interesting to know more story on your PM and ITIL story...:)

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