Friday, 6 April 2007

IT Profession Update

It's been awhile since I posted about the work of the ProfIT Alliance (partly because things have been a little quiet on the public front). For those who have not heard of the alliance before it is formed of the BCS, e-skills UK, Intellect, and the NCC. They started working together with the primary of creating an IT Profession that is recognised as such in the way that accountants and surveyors are.

In the past week the e-skills sector council published the all new 'IT Profession Competency Model'. The fundamental idea is to recognise areas of specialism in which people can progress without necessarily having to move into management as is normally the case (certainly where I work). There are some staff who really deserve to be renumerated for their level of specialism and currently the only way to achieve this is to apply for a management role for which, in most of these cases, they are not suited. Providing options has got to be a good thing in my book.

For some background read the 'Validating the IT Professionalism Model' report and browse the 'Creating the IT Profession' section on the BCS website.


Donald H Taylor said...


Like the blog - very much to the point. We need more combinations of practice and insight like this on the web!

Anyway, a question: do you see the new IPCM (the competency framework for IT skills) as working with SFIA (, on which it is based, or do you think it will eventually prove more useful and replace it?

Disclosure: I have no financial interest in SFIA, but I do sit on the SFIA Steering Committee.


The ITIL Imp said...

Hi Donald,

Sorry for the delay in replying, hope you are still reading :)

I don't see the IT-PCM replacing SFIA at all. Rather, I see it as just another layer sitting on top of SFIA showing us how we can use it to help define job roles and the like. Here is an extract from ANNEX B: LINKAGE TO RELATED INITIATIVES v1.2 of the IT-PCM that I believe reinforces this viewpoint:

"The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)
SFIA sets out detailed skills definitions across a wide range of individual skills areas
against a ladder of skills levels. The detailed definitions within SFIA will be developed and
supplemented as required to populate the IT Professional Competency Model."

Kind regards,

The ITIL Imp

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