Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Adventures on Twitter?

I've been consciously resisting from having anything to do with the Twitter phenomen for a long time now.  However, last week I found that the author of almost every single blog that I read had something to say about twitter.  This, combined with a recent thread on the British Computer Society's Women's Forum tipped me over the edge.  As if to reaffirm that I was right to step off - Michael Deutch of Mindjet went and posted a mindmap on all things Twitter.  I hadn't made it by then that would have pushed me off the cliff certainly!

So - I'm there.  Making a rare tweet in a sea of tweets, hopefully of some interest to someone somewhere - though how that someone somewhere will find it amongst all that spam...  I'll post about which tools I'm using another day - inevitably with yet another website signed up to, there are a plethora of tools to help wade through the sea that I've jumped into.  If you also succumbed, you can follow my adventures on Twitter. Although their less like adventures and more like a few steps outside the front door.

I have to say though - thus far, I'm not convinced and may soon find myself scrambling back up the cliff face!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately here in Canada - you have to very, very wealthy to use twitter.

Our telco's charge up to 50 cents per text message - one Telco just advertized that you can purchase (extra $$$) and "just" pay 15 cents per message.

That adds up very quickly

Michael Deutch said...

I'm glad you made the leap before reading my map, I'd hate to be accused of pushing you off the cliff B-) Good luck with your tweets!

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I've recently joined Twitter too, there are a fair few project managers there (search for #pmot "Project Managers on Twitter"). But I'm not sure yet how complementary it is to blogging and how much of Twitter is just information overload... Happy adventures in Twitter, anyway!

Herbie said...

@ellotross If you don't want to pay for SMS, try the web, its free....

The ITIL Imp said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.

To elliotross -what Herbie said. I am using 'Tweetdeck' to send and monitor tweets as well as 'Digsby' which I use for all IM/social media stuff nowadays.

To Michael and Elizabeth: *grins* If it was Michael who led me to the edge of the cliff, it was Elizabeth who pushed me off ;)

To Herbie: Thanks for pointing this out before I got around to it :)

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