Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Girl Geek Dinners

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I am pretty passionate about women working in IT and that it is a little demotivating to hear stories about people leaving the profession and the number of girls who are not opting to study computing in it's various guises.

Thanks to a fellow woman referencing it on the BCS Women's discussion group I came across this article (website | PDF) in the Guardian about 'Girl Geek Dinners'.

Created by Sarah Blow, from what I can see it's another networking group that seeks to raise the profile of women working in IT. They have groups all over the world - perhaps it's time that this geeky imp checked them out ;)


Sarah Blow said...

Hello Geeky Imp ;)

Lovely to see that someone is noticing that we aren't all about the doom and gloom of the tech industry and that we are in fact all about getting together and having fun with tech which is what it's all supposed to be about! :)

My theory is that if we stop dwelling on the past then we can look towards improving our future. We can also change stereotypes by updating them. Have fun with the technologies of the here and now. All in all have a great time and spread the geeky enthusiasm!

Who cares if geeky wasn't cool in the 90's... time for a change!


ps looking forward to seeing you at one of our future events. The proposed dates for our next ones are 25th June and 28th August, sign up details will be on the London Girl Geek Dinner Blog! :)

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