Tuesday, 14 August 2007

ITIL v3 Launch Video

If you didn't manage to attend the ITIL v3 launch in London and the presentations weren't enough for you, you can now view the morning and afternoon sessions on your pc. Thankfully there are bookmarks to skip to the sections that you may be interested in otherwise it's a seriously long slog!


Anonymous said...

Hello there ITIL Imp :)

Many thanks for the comment - that was a real motivator to start again.

I've also been checking your blog from time to time - keep up the good work.


Donald H Taylor said...

Hi Imp

I hope that all is well, you seem to have been silent for a bit...

You might be interested in visiting the SFIA Conference in London on 29th November, Keith Aldis of itSMF is keynoting, and will talk about ITIL and SFIA in detail.

All the best


The ITIL Imp said...

Thanks Maz - warm fuzzies all round then :)

Hi Donald, I wish I could go along but work commitments prevent it I'm afraid. I trust there will be presentation notes from the conference online so I can catch up on the latest.

The ITIL Imp

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