Tuesday, 29 May 2007

ITIL Refresh v3 - Complementary Guidance

Apologies for the lack of posts this month. Suffice to say it's been a tough one and I'm back.

I last wrote about the changes to qualifications which I came by through a presentation from Sharon Taylor, Chief Architect of ITIL v3 hosted by Axios. I meant to follow up a little sooner for you on the other area that I thought particularly interesting - complementary guidance. If you're feeling cynical read: 'cash cow'.

Sharon gave an overview of the 'Complementary Portfolio' and reiterated quite strongly that it was not being written just by the OGC. The portfolio is to have the ITIL brand, be supported through formal research and be 'industry developed and owned. 'All stakeholders' (I wonder who defines a stakeholder in this case?) will have an opportunity to contribute content which must naturally support the core of ITIL v3. A phrase she used frequently was 'living library'. It appears that the new core material is expected to have a shelf life of about 5 years and that the complementary portfolio will help to ensure it stays fresh in the meantime.

As for the anticipated content of this living library; Sharon mentioned the following:

- Official study aids
- Case studies & templates
- Key element guides to replace the current pocket guides
- The book 'ITIL small scale implementation' is to be updated
- Industry specific guidance for public and private sectors
- Business sector specifics, e.g. Financial, Manufacturing, etc.
- Integrated Service Model to be published online including integrated process mapping (I wonder if this was inspired by the excellent Computer Associates Tube-style maps?)
- Available in multiple languages (apparently books are currently available in 17 languages and they are looking to expand upon this.
- Online content / books with supporting material around qualifications

She suggested that we will see the first additions to the living library in June 2007. I don't recall her saying exactly what this will be. However, I'd be personally very surprised if as a minimum it didn't include the study aids and online templates for download to those who take up the online subscription option.

Time will tell... just a week until the official launch!


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