Friday, 27 October 2006

ITIL and the new qualification scheme

As regulars amongst you will know, I have some concerns regarding the future of the ITIL qualification scheme under APMG. The OGC have published a statement outlining the operation and ITSM portal have translated this into a diagram for easy comprehension. I'm still not sure what this means for itSMF, ISEB, or EXIN - but apparently patience is a virtue ;)


Anonymous said...

From an inside view: late November ITSMF has its Annual Global Meeting. Probably the will decide what to do then. EXIN (and possibly ISEB) will start a new certification structure based on ISO 20000, called: Service Quality Management. They probably will try to do ITIL exams as well, but if necessary they'll have a competing exam as well.

In the end it changes nothing to ITIL-using organizations. In that perspective, it would be interesting to see the contents of ITIL version 3. I think this will have a lot graeter impact.

Cymon (TRASYS) Belgium said...

Hi there.
Let's just wait and see.
Anyway, all existing ITIL v2 certificates will be recognised, and continue to be valid.
So no worries concerning our acquired certifications. Nevertheless, the upgrade to version 3 will be a plus when it comes out next year. It's always better to have the latest certificate ;-)

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